Sold Horses


Wriddle Me This HF 

Wriddle Me This HF (ES Werbellin - Ripley xx)



Oleander (Opus - Will O' The Wisp HF)


Ripleyimage © Shorthorse Studios

Ripley xx (Ascendant xx - Larhaven Silk xx)


Replikah HFimage © Shorthorse Studios

Replikah HF (Regulus - Action Battle xx)
Mother to 100% Gold Premium foals and mares, including Verband Premium Dekadence (by Dream Along) and Verband Premium Sophia Loren HF (by Stendinger)


Tigger and Katie

French Kiss HF (Freestyle - Replikah HF)


Regal Champion HF (Routinier - La Championita HF)


Babalou HF image © Shorthorse Studios

Babalou HF (Balou de Rouet - Coeur de Championne HF)


Star Struck HF

Star Struck HF (Stedinger - Replikah HF)


Will O The Wisp HFimage © Shorthorse Studios

Will O The Wisp HF (ES Walk on Top - Gibraltar)


Skyliner image © Shorthorse Studios

Skyliner (Sempatico M - Ripley xx)


Outrageous HF

Outrageous HF (Owillie - Ripley xx)


Royal Champion HF

Royal Champion HF (Royal Diamond - La Championita HF)


Hollywood HF

Hollywood HF (Hierarch - Will O The Wisp HF)


Deja Vu

Deja Vu (Donnerwelt - Will O The Wisp HF)



Florianne du Championne HF (Freestyle - La Championita HF)


Weltissimo HF

Weltissimo HF (ES Werbellin - I Must Fly xx)


Fleur du Championne HF

Fleur de Championne HF (Freestyle - La Championita HF)


Daxx HF (ES Diamont - Action Battle xx)


Lizette HF

Lizette (Linaro - I Must Fly xx)