Hopeful Farm

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Boarding Information

We are not a public facility and do not offer services to the general public. Generally we do not offer horse boarding services. However, I do on occasion have openings for board for young stock (foal raising) or mares in foal (foaling services) if requested and we have availability. We have 11 stalls. Stalls are approximately 11' x 14' or 12'6" x 14' and all fully matted. We have an 80x180 fenced outdoor arena with safe footing. Our foaling barn is equipped with a camera system to monitor mares in privacy. Board is due by the first day of the month, or we access a late fee.

I have a working relationship with both Country View Equine, Cambridge Country Vet, Irongate Equine, and Lodi Veterinary Hospital. Other vet clinics are welcomed. Boarders must set up an account with the veterinary clinic they choose prior to any veterinary visits.




The barn after it was just erected


I have a farrier who regularly comes to the farm. Outside farriers are welcome. Farrier and necessary vet work is also the horse owners responsibility, but must be kept up to date as long as horse is at our farm. Payment is expected when the service is performed.

All horse must be current on ALL vaccinations (EEE, WEE, Rabies, Tetanus, PHF, WNV, IN Strangles, and Flu/Rhino), dewormings and annual coggins, before coming onto our property and again, must be kept current as long as at our farm.


Outdoor Arena