I truly believe in this Code of Ethics.  So many breeders now are in this business solely for profit and are incredibly dishonest about the horses they are selling, and also do not care about what happens to the horses they have bred. 

The Breeders Code of Ethics:

Oleander HF

For any animal I have brought into this world I believe it is my responsibility as a breeder to: 

  • Actively check the references and backgrounds of all people before I place an animal under their stewardship.
  • Place animals in homes only with an enforceable written contract.
  • Ensure that the animal's well being is attended to for it's entire life.
  • Insist that I have first right of refusal for any animal that has to be placed or sold by its original stewards.
  • Make reasonable efforts to keep in touch on a regular basis with the stewards of animals I have placed or sold.
  • Take every available opportunity to "educate" novices with well-researched and accurate information and try NOT to impress personal biases and opinions on them.
  • Insist that any animal used for breeding be both conformationally correct AND have a stable and loving disposition regardless of it's pedigree.
  • Place the interests of the animal first over the desire for self-acknowledgement, personal agendas, and/or monetary gain
 image of Oleander HF © Shorthorse Studios. Used with permission